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Wachholtz Verlag has been a partner to science for almost 100 years. From the beginning, archaeology and history were the focus of the program. Over time, art history, geography, literary studies and the natural sciences - especially biology - were added. Our science program is continuously growing, also thanks to innovative offerings. Internationality and multilingualism have always been our focus, and we now distribute our books in more than 50 countries around the world. The books in our regional program are among the most important publications among the press and the public in the North. In the Wachholtz Science Program, we cooperate with leading scientific institutions, university chairs, collaborative research centers and clusters of excellence; renowned scientists publish in both traditional and new series.

Our books meet high standards in terms of content and aesthetics. We offer innovative services for our scientific partners. These include open access, e-books, or retro-digitization and the corresponding distribution via our partners in university libraries and the national and international scientific community.

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Wachholtz Publishing Programme Autumn 2023

In Autumn 2023 many new and promising books will be added to our range of publications.
Accompanying a special expedition at the Museum for Hamburg History (Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte), the book “Die bedrohte Stadtrepublik. Hamburg 1923” revolves around the eventful year 1923. It shows and analyses the events, developments and consequences of that particular year with a focus on the city of Hamburg. 1923 brought significant challenges for Hamburg and for the young Weimar Republic, which were the peak of a development that started with the November Revolution in 1918 and which changed the lives of many people greatly. The young democracy had to face political conflicts and needed to tackle hyperinflation and the poverty of its people.

“Mein Glück ist nicht von dieser Welt und auch von keiner andern” (My happiness doesn’t belong to this world nor any other) is a collection of old and new poems by writer and artist Gerrit Bekker. The book aims at summarizing, conserving and giving access to Bekker’s diverse lyrical work.   

An interdisciplinary symposium at the University of Kiel dealt with the question “Homo homini lupus est?” and analysed different ideas of the conception of man. The results are presented in an anthology under the same name.
Another anthology presented by the Landesdemokratiezentrum Schleswig-Holstein (Federal centre for democracy Schleswig-Holstein) examines the subject of right-wing extremism. It depicts the threats of this political extreme and shows concrete examples how society can prevent them and defend its own values.
The new edition of “Neues Archiv für Niedersachsen” is about the opportunities and risks of the transition to sustainable energy production, while the 10th edition of the “Kieler Schriften für Regionalgeschichte” focuses on tolerance and takes a look at the city of Friedrichstadt and its historical significance as a place of religious freedom.

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