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Wachholtz Verlag has been a partner to science for almost 100 years. From the beginning, archaeology and history were the focus of the program. Over time, art history, geography, literary studies and the natural sciences - especially biology - were added. Our science program is continuously growing, also thanks to innovative offerings. Internationality and multilingualism have always been our focus, and we now distribute our books in more than 50 countries around the world. The books in our regional program are among the most important publications among the press and the public in the North. In the Wachholtz Science Program, we cooperate with leading scientific institutions, university chairs, collaborative research centers and clusters of excellence; renowned scientists publish in both traditional and new series.

Our books meet high standards in terms of content and aesthetics. We offer innovative services for our scientific partners. These include open access, e-books, or retro-digitization and the corresponding distribution via our partners in university libraries and the national and international scientific community.

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20.12.2021 Große Berichterstattung zum Buch »Schleswig-Holstein – Literaturland im Norden«

»Das liebevoll ausgewählte Buch macht richtig Lust auf Schleswig-Holstein.« (NDR Schleswig-Holstein Magazin)

»Das liebevoll ausgewählte Buch macht richtig Lust auf Schleswig-Holstein.« (NDR Schleswig-Holstein Magazin)

Der NDR berichtet in Film und Funk über die Neuerscheinung und verrät manch spannendes Detail zu Buch, Herausgebern und zur Literaturlandschaft Schleswig-Holsteins.

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Internationale Anerkennung

Der Wachholtz Verlag ist seit kurzem auf der aktuellen Punkte-Liste (Stand: 22. Juli 2021) des polnischen Ministeriums für Bildung und Wissenschaft vertreten.

Wachholtz-Geschäftsführer Olaf Irlenkäuser dazu: "Nach der Listung auf entsprechenden dänischen Listen ist diese Neu-Eintragung in Polen ein weiterer wichtiger Schritt zur internationalen Anerkennung unserer Autoren und unseres Programms."


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Wachholtz Fruehjahrsprogramm 2021

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Our program in spring 2021

What a year that is behind us! And for once, we are not talking about the pandemic. The authors, editors and we have worked on so many beautiful, exciting and interesting new books! Some have already been published, others are still being finished or we are eagerly awaiting manuscript submissions. A look at our preview reveals the highlights of the first half of the year - at least a large part of them. What a year that is ahead of us!

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