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Wachholtz Verlag is a dynamically growing publishing house. We offer a broad spectrum of high-quality print and online media with a wide regional, national and international reach. In addition to our headquarters in the state capital Kiel, we have another location in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Starting with science, the publishing portfolio ranges from culture to tourism, from nature to adventure, from enjoyment to lifestyle. We have customers in over 50 countries around the world, and our online portfolio and community are also growing continuously. Our products set standards - for many years, Wachholtz authors and books have won numerous prestigious awards.

Richtlinien zur Publikationsethik

Wachholtz Verlag has been an established partner of scientific institutions and authors for around 100 years. Wachholtz Verlag works closely with editors and authors to ensure that ethical guidelines are adhered to both before and during the publication process, as well as after publication and during dissemination itself. Through an efficient distribution of tasks and responsibilities, compliance with international standards of publication ethics can be ensured at all times.

Wachholtz stands for high quality publications - both digital and print. To ensure this at all times, scientific publications undergo a peer review process by an expert editor on the part of the publishing institutions or by external reviewers. The responsibility and control of the peer review process is usually assumed by the publishing institution. According to the current standard, this usually means a "double-blind" procedure, which means that the reviewer and the author do not recognize each other.

All details on the distribution of tasks and the obligations we impose on ourselves, our editors and authors, and reviewers to maintain scientific quality standards can be read here.


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