Raptor and human

falconry and bird symbolism throughout the millennia on a global scale

  • Written by Karl-Heinz Gersmann, Oliver Grimm
  • edited by Zentrum für Baltische und Skandinavische Archäologie
  • 978-3-529-01490-1

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The cooperation between falconers and scientists from the Natural Sciences and the Humanities – from the ‘A’ of Archaeology to ‘Z’ of Zoology –, is documented by the c. 100 articles of authors from over 20 countries, from Spain and Portugal to Japan, including the United Arab Emirates and Northern America.
A short summary each in the English, Arabian, German and Russian, language is included in this publication.

Karl-Heinz Gersmann

Karl-Heinz Gersmann, an accomplished car engineer, started at the age of 14 practising the art of falconry flying hawks and falcons both in Europe and Canada over many years. Has been and still is actively holding different official functions in German and international falconry & hunting NGO’s and was closely involved in securing the international UNESCO application to have falconry acknowledged as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, for Germany. Karl-Heinz has built up a significant private collection of historical falconry manuscripts and books.

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Oliver Grimm

Oliver Grimm, since 2008 employed at the Centre for Baltic and Scandinavian Archaeology (ZBSA) in Schleswig, Germany, focusing mainly on Northern Europe over a period between the 1st and 15th century. Oliver has organised different workshops in cooperation with other academic scholars. Among them one about the hunting history in Northern and Central Europe in general and two workshops specifically covering the subject of falconry with its thousand years of history in all its aspects around the world.

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Zentrum für Baltische und Skandinavische Archäologie

The Centre for Baltic and Scandinavian Archaeology (Zentrum für Baltische und Skandinavische Archäologie—ZBSA) in Schleswig operates under the aegis of the Stiftung Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseen Schloss Gottorf (Foundation of the Schleswig-Holstein State Museums at Schloss Gottorf) and is a non-university research institute with an international orientation. We are involved in archaeological research in the North Sea and Baltic regions as well as in Scandinavia with the application of a wide variety of methods.

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