The Munich Show . Mineralientage München . 2013

Theme Book GOLD . Jubilee Edition . English Edition

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  • 1., Aufl
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  • 25.6 x 19.8 cm
  • 232 Seiten
  • mit zahlreichen Abbildungen
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 14.10.2013
  • ISBN 978-3-529-05445-7


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Gold has been an object of desire since the beginning of time. Chemically, it is just one of many elements, but within it lies the power to enchant mankind and to change the course of history. Because of it countries have been conquered, continents discovered, and regions populated. Our daily use of language shows how important gold has remained up to the present day. It is a synonym for something extraordinary, something special and it rewards the highest achievements. But where does it come from, how is it created in nature, and what does it mean for the course of history? As a companion to the special exhibitions of The Munich Show 2013 the book “Gold“ sheds some light on these and other questions with exciting articles from renowned international authors.

The Munich Show

Die Munich Show ist Europas größte Messe für Edelsteine, Schmuck, Mineralien und Zubehör.

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